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Here you'll find brief documentation of the new features/functionalities I'm already planning to integrate.
The items listed here could also just be user-submitted suggestions which are still under consideration. ;-)

Signature Switch
  1. Account-based signatures
    Choose different default-signatures for different accounts; different auto-switch; ...
    This one would cause major rewriting of certain code-segments. However, this seems to be the most wanted feature at the moment.
  2. E-Mail-Validation-RegEx
    new regex for email-validation (allow "+"-character)
  3. No Sig on Reply
    don't insert a signature when replying
Save Image/Link in Folder
  1. Directory Creation
    automatically create subdirectories based upon variables
  2. Customize Quicksave
    let the doubleclick-quicksave in SIiF be customizeable
  3. Linktext Variable
    new variable holding the link's text
Unfortunately also my spare-time is limited... so I can't tell you when exactly I will implement these features.
But I'm sure the next vacation will come. :-)

Note: Any striked out items may already be implemented in prerelease-versions.