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SLiF / SIiF   Save Link/Image in Folder - Variables for prefix/suffix

These variables can be used for the prefix/suffix-string:

%dd% day
%MM% month
%yyyy% year
%hh% hour
%mm% minute
%ss% second
%url% full address of the visited website (e.g. "www.mozilla.org_products_firefox_")
%domain% just the domain of the website (e.g. "")
%title% title of the website
%guid% a "globally unique identifier"-string
%random% a random number (length can be set in hidden prefs: SLiF/SIiF)
%clipboard% the current (textual) contents of the clipboard

Save Image in Folder only:

%imgWidth% the width of the chosen image in pixels
%imgHeight% the height of the chosen image in pixels