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Developed withThe best Java IDE
Linux Mint

Firefox 57 …

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


Thunderbird 61 …

Please check the "Pre-Release" section for compatible beta-versions of Signature Switch and NestedQuote Remover.

Signature Switch   Signature Switch - Download

Click here to download the extension:   Download XPI-File

current version:
compatible with Thunderbird:
  55.* - 60.*
  84 KB
available localizations:
  en-US de-DE it-IT es-ES nl-NL fr-FR zh-TW pl-PL ru-RU ja-JP cs-CZ tr-TR pt-BR sk-SK ca-AD sv-SE hu-HU sr-YU be-BY nb-NO da-DK sl-SL 

Known issues are listed here.
Previous versions can be found at
A version that is still under development may be available in the pre-release-section.


v1.8.0 (unreleased)
  • necessary code adjustments due to major changes in TB 61+ (see Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 63)
  • bumped minVersion to 61.*
  • changed default signature-editor for Linux from gedit to xed
  • other minor improvements

v1.7.1 (31.05.2018)
  • updated handling of 'getCharPref()' in options-dialog in order to work with TB60
  • bumped maxVersion to 60.*

v1.7 (03.12.2017)
  • fixed bug when changing "AutoSwitch Priority" in preferences dialog
  • removed/replaced usage of deprecated interfaces ('' and 'nsISupportsString.{get,set}ComplexValue'; see: Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 57)
  • changed maxVersion to 58.*; the minVersion also had to be raised to 55.* due to the changes above
  • some other minor changes/refactorings

v1.6.16 (12.08.2017)
  • minor changes to ensure compatibility with upcoming internal API-changes (nsILocalFilensIFile)
  • changed maxVersion to 52.*

v1.6.15 (10.12.2016)
  • updated handling for HTML-signatures in order to assure compatibilty with upcoming Thunderbird releases
  • changed maxVersion to 45.*

v1.6.14 (12.12.2015)
  • added [sl-SL] locale
  • changed maxVersion to 38.*

v1.6.13 (04.03.2015)
  • changed maxVersion to 31.*

v1.6.12 (08.09.2013)
  • updated code to comply with TB24
  • changed maxVersion to 24.*

v1.6.11 (04.11.2012)
  • changed maxVersion to 16.*

v1.6.10 (14.12.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 8.*

v1.6.9 (01.10.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 7.*

v1.6.8 (18.08.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 6.*

v1.6.7 (21.06.2011)
  • reactivated [it-IT] locale (thanks, Massimo!)
  • changed maxVersion to 5.*

v1.6.6 (08.07.2010)
  • necessary adjustments to ensure 3.1-compatibility (chrome.manifest)

v1.6.5 (24.01.2010)
  • changed maxVersion to 3.2a1pre
  • updated [da-DK] locale

v1.6.4 (28.04.2009)
  • added [da-DK] locale
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog... again ;-)
    (an empty autoswitch-priority-box can't happen anymore now)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1a1pre

v1.6.3 (11.01.2009)
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog
  • reactivated [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on [nb-NO] locale

v1.6.2 (14.12.2008)
  • reactivated [nb-NO] locale
  • when using an empty file as signature the sig-separator won't be added automatically anymore
  • (hopefully) fixed incompatibility-issues with some themes
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.0b1

v1.6.1 (22.04.2008)
  • reactivated [sv-SE] locale
  • changed maxVersion to 3.0a1

v1.6 (06.03.2008)
  • new: Pre-Load-Executable feature
  • new: the new "cycle-through"-keyboard-shortcut iterates your signatures
  • reorganization of code-structure
  • minor refactoring
  • unfortunately the following locales had to be deactivated due to incompleteness: [it-IT], [sv-SE], [nb-NO], [pl-PL]
    if your mother-language is amongst them then please contribute and send me an eMail to receive the incomplete locale-files

v1.5.4 (30.09.2007)
  • new locale: [nb-NO]

v1.5.3 (07.09.2007)
  • fix: directory-variables didn't work when invoking the external editor

v1.5.2 (03.09.2007)
  • reactivated [ja-JP] locale
    still missing: [be-BY] and [zh-TW]; please contact me if you want to contribute

v1.5.1 (02.09.2007)
  • reactivated [cs-CZ] locale
  • fixed bug in [ru-RU] locale

v1.5 (29.08.2007)
  • new: clicking a button invokes your favourite editor to create/modify the signature
  • new: mailinglists can now also be used for triggering the AutoSwitch
  • new: a listbox in the options-dialog lets you alter the priority (addresses, newsgroups, mailingslists) for AutoSwitch
  • fix: added special treatment for Mac-linebreaks
  • other minor code-improvements
  • reactivated [ca-AD] locale
  • unfortunately the following locales had to be deactivated due to incompleteness: [be-BY], [cs-CZ], [ja-JP], [zh-TW]
    if your mother-language is amongst them then please contribute and send me an eMail to receive the incomplete locale-files

v1.4.4 (08.06.2007)
  • added [sr-YU] locale

v1.4.3 (10.04.2007)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0.0.* due to yesterday's release of TB2.0rc1

v1.4.2 (20.02.2007)
  • another bugfix concerning replies in HTML-format
  • added "hidden pref" (initdelay)

v1.4.1 (23.01.2007)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0b2

v1.4 (28.11.2006)
  • finally made some crucial improvements concerning signature insertion/removal when composing in html-style;
    hopefully this will fix the problems some people had with forwardings
  • also did some corrections regarding the use of "Fortune-Cookies" combined with the "Hybrid-Signatures"-feature
  • added [sv-SE] and [hu-HU] locales
  • reactivated the [cs-CZ] locale
  • deactivated the [ca-AD] locale due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0b1
  • other minor code improvements

v1.3 (06.10.2006)
  • new feature: Hybrid-Signatures
  • enhancement: AutoSwitch now can be used for newsgroups aswell
  • fix: auto-switching now also works when recipients get chosen via address-book
  • again: minor improvement on options-dialog
  • reactivated the [zh-TW] locale
  • deactivated the [cs-CZ] locale due to incompleteness

v1.2.5 (23.08.2006)
  • added [ca-AD] locale

v1.2.4 (31.07.2006)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0a1
  • minor improvement on options-dialog

v1.2.3 (13.07.2006)
  • "cosmetic corrections" for options-dialog

v1.2.2 (03.07.2006)
  • reactivated the [pt-BR] and [pl-PL] locales

v1.2.1 (14.04.2006)
  • corrections on [nl-NL]-locale

v1.2 (09.04.2006)
  • again... due to popular demand:
    * configurable keyboard-shortcuts for each signature (FAQ)
    * AutoSwitch-Option: recipient-based (automatic) switching!
  • bugfix: manually deleting a line within the signature crashed Thunderbird on Windows-systems
    (this was caused by Windows-linebreaks (\r\n) in the signature file; now they get converted)
  • corrections on [cs-CZ]-locale
  • other minor code-improvements
  • unfortunately the [pl-PL], [pt-BR] and [zh-TW] locales had to be deactivated for this release since the original translators didn't respond to my translation-request;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me

v1.1 (24.02.2006)
  • due to popular demand: fortune-cookie-signatures now can have a "fixed part" (see examples)
  • corrections on inserting the signature-separator
  • added [sk-SK] locale
  • other code-improvements

v1.0.2 (25.01.2006)
  • changed maxVersion to 1.5.0.*
  • bugfix: account-signatures didn't get shown upon changing the account in composer

v1.0.1 (11.01.2006)
  • more exact handling regarding the OS-specific line feeds (Linux: "\n"; Windows: "\r\n");
    this should solve the problems some people had with fortune-cookie-files

v1.0 (21.12.2005)

Since the extension went through a pretty long period of "beta-testing" I think it's now safe to finally call this release a "stable 1.0-version". ;-)
  • new feature: the signature-filepath now can contain certain directory-variables
    (this should solve the driveletter-problem for people using Portable Thunderbird)
  • added [cs-CZ], [tr-TR] and [pt-BR] locales
  • changed handling for "fortune-cookie"-files (no extra initial line-breaks get inserted)
  • the character-encoding for loaded signatures can now be changed via options-dialog
  • bugfix: problems when using a default-signature and changing the identity ("From:")
  • bugfix: pressing the contacts-button may have added the default-signature unnecessarily
  • several other code improvements

v0.9.5 (05.11.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.5

v0.9.4 (10.10.2005)
  • bugfix: inserting a default-signature on forwardings sometimes deleted the complete forwarded text
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4.1 (TB 1.5 Beta 2)

v0.9.3 (21.09.2005)
  • added [ja-JP] locale

v0.9.2 (17.09.2005)
  • bugfix: the procedure for localizing the main-description caused problems

v0.9.1 (15.09.2005)
  • bugfix for unicode-support

v0.9 (15.09.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4 (TB 1.5 Beta 1)
  • added [ru-RU] locale
  • improvements for the [pl-PL] locale
  • UTF-8/Unicode-support
  • new button-images in the options-dialog
  • the extension's main-description is now localized

v0.8 (20.07.2005)
  • added [pl-PL] locale
  • bugfix: switching didn't work after loading a signature that already contained the signature-delimiter ("-- \n") in the first line
  • bugfix: switching sometimes accidentally deleted the whole message (only when composing in html-style)
  • bugfix: the signature didn't get inserted correctly when composing a new mail which got initiated and prefilled from external applications
  • several improvements regarding "occasionally" inserted CR's before the signature
  • other minor code changes

v0.7 (04.06.2005)
  • "Signature Switch" now recognizes "Fortune Cookie Files"
    (files containing many different signatures separated by a percent-char; the extension is randomly choosing one; see the example)
  • the path of a signature-file now can contain non-ascii-characters from the system's codepage
  • some corrections on the options-dialog
  • other minor code improvements
  • raised compatibility to Thunderbird 1.0+ ("TB 1.1 Alpha")

v0.6 (16.05.2005)
  • due to popular demand: now you can create a set of different signatures which can be easily accessed/switched via toolbar-button or options-menu
  • "Signature Switch" can now be accessed via right-click context-menu
  • several code changes (code beautyfying, performance improvements)
  • fixed: default-removal of the signature didn't work when changing the account in composer-window
  • the extension finally got it's own 32x32-icon ;-)

v0.5.1 (05.05.2005)
  • hotfix: some users had problems with the previous release causing the composer-window to freeze;
    corrected the overlay-sequence (hopefully that solves the problem)

v0.5 (02.05.2005)
  • restructured code
  • added Chinese Traditional [zh-TW] localization

v0.4 (06.04.2005)
  • restructured code for better compatibility with other extensions
    (update recommended!)

v0.3.6 (??.??.2005)
  • added localizations: nl-NL, fr-FR

v0.3.5 (??.??.2005)
  • spanish language support

v0.3.4 (31.03.2005)
  • upgrade for TB 1.0.2
  • small bugfix (the default removal of the signature sometimes only worked once)

v0.3.3 (30.03.2005)
  • corrections for the [de-DE]-localization

v0.3.2 (29.03.2005)
  • proper initialization-procedure

v0.3.1 (29.03.2005)
  • bugfix (new option from v0.3 didn't work properly)

v0.3 (29.03.2005)
  • new option: "Switch signature off by default"

v0.2 (21.03.2005)
  • customizeable keyboard-shortcut
  • new entry in the options-menu of the composer-window

v0.1.1 (09.03.2005)
  • italian language support

v0.1 (05.03.2005)
  • initial release