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Developed withThe best Java IDE
Linux Mint

Firefox Quantum (57.0 …)

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


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current version:
compatible with Thunderbird:
  55.* - 60.*
  84 KB
available localizations:
  en-US de-DE it-IT es-ES nl-NL fr-FR zh-TW pl-PL ru-RU ja-JP cs-CZ tr-TR pt-BR sk-SK ca-AD sv-SE hu-HU sr-YU be-BY nb-NO da-DK sl-SL 

Known issues are listed here.
Previous versions can be found at
A version that is still under development may be available in the pre-release-section.


v1.7.1 (31.05.2018)
  • updated handling of 'getCharPref()' in options-dialog in order to work with TB60
  • bumped maxVersion to 60.*

v1.7 (03.12.2017)
  • fixed bug when changing "AutoSwitch Priority" in preferences dialog
  • removed/replaced usage of deprecated interfaces ('' and 'nsISupportsString.{get,set}ComplexValue'; see: Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 57)
  • changed maxVersion to 58.*; the minVersion also had to be raised to 55.* due to the changes above
  • some other minor changes/refactorings

v1.6.16 (12.08.2017)
  • minor changes to ensure compatibility with upcoming internal API-changes (nsILocalFilensIFile)
  • changed maxVersion to 52.*

v1.6.15 (10.12.2016)
  • updated handling for HTML-signatures in order to assure compatibilty with upcoming Thunderbird releases
  • changed maxVersion to 45.*

v1.6.14 (12.12.2015)
  • added [sl-SL] locale
  • changed maxVersion to 38.*

v1.6.13 (04.03.2015)
  • changed maxVersion to 31.*

v1.6.12 (08.09.2013)
  • updated code to comply with TB24
  • changed maxVersion to 24.*

v1.6.11 (04.11.2012)
  • changed maxVersion to 16.*

v1.6.10 (14.12.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 8.*

v1.6.9 (01.10.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 7.*

v1.6.8 (18.08.2011)
  • changed maxVersion to 6.*

v1.6.7 (21.06.2011)
  • reactivated [it-IT] locale (thanks, Massimo!)
  • changed maxVersion to 5.*

v1.6.6 (08.07.2010)
  • necessary adjustments to ensure 3.1-compatibility (chrome.manifest)

v1.6.5 (24.01.2010)
  • changed maxVersion to 3.2a1pre
  • updated [da-DK] locale

v1.6.4 (28.04.2009)
  • added [da-DK] locale
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog... again ;-)
    (an empty autoswitch-priority-box can't happen anymore now)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1a1pre

v1.6.3 (11.01.2009)
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog
  • reactivated [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on [nb-NO] locale

v1.6.2 (14.12.2008)
  • reactivated [nb-NO] locale
  • when using an empty file as signature the sig-separator won't be added automatically anymore
  • (hopefully) fixed incompatibility-issues with some themes
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.0b1

v1.6.1 (22.04.2008)
  • reactivated [sv-SE] locale
  • changed maxVersion to 3.0a1

v1.6 (06.03.2008)
  • new: Pre-Load-Executable feature
  • new: the new "cycle-through"-keyboard-shortcut iterates your signatures
  • reorganization of code-structure
  • minor refactoring
  • unfortunately the following locales had to be deactivated due to incompleteness: [it-IT], [sv-SE], [nb-NO], [pl-PL]
    if your mother-language is amongst them then please contribute and send me an eMail to receive the incomplete locale-files

v1.5.4 (30.09.2007)
  • new locale: [nb-NO]

v1.5.3 (07.09.2007)
  • fix: directory-variables didn't work when invoking the external editor

v1.5.2 (03.09.2007)
  • reactivated [ja-JP] locale
    still missing: [be-BY] and [zh-TW]; please contact me if you want to contribute

v1.5.1 (02.09.2007)
  • reactivated [cs-CZ] locale
  • fixed bug in [ru-RU] locale

v1.5 (29.08.2007)
  • new: clicking a button invokes your favourite editor to create/modify the signature
  • new: mailinglists can now also be used for triggering the AutoSwitch
  • new: a listbox in the options-dialog lets you alter the priority (addresses, newsgroups, mailingslists) for AutoSwitch
  • fix: added special treatment for Mac-linebreaks
  • other minor code-improvements
  • reactivated [ca-AD] locale
  • unfortunately the following locales had to be deactivated due to incompleteness: [be-BY], [cs-CZ], [ja-JP], [zh-TW]
    if your mother-language is amongst them then please contribute and send me an eMail to receive the incomplete locale-files

v1.4.4 (08.06.2007)
  • added [sr-YU] locale

v1.4.3 (10.04.2007)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0.0.* due to yesterday's release of TB2.0rc1

v1.4.2 (20.02.2007)
  • another bugfix concerning replies in HTML-format
  • added "hidden pref" (initdelay)

v1.4.1 (23.01.2007)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0b2

v1.4 (28.11.2006)
  • finally made some crucial improvements concerning signature insertion/removal when composing in html-style;
    hopefully this will fix the problems some people had with forwardings
  • also did some corrections regarding the use of "Fortune-Cookies" combined with the "Hybrid-Signatures"-feature
  • added [sv-SE] and [hu-HU] locales
  • reactivated the [cs-CZ] locale
  • deactivated the [ca-AD] locale due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0b1
  • other minor code improvements

v1.3 (06.10.2006)
  • new feature: Hybrid-Signatures
  • enhancement: AutoSwitch now can be used for newsgroups aswell
  • fix: auto-switching now also works when recipients get chosen via address-book
  • again: minor improvement on options-dialog
  • reactivated the [zh-TW] locale
  • deactivated the [cs-CZ] locale due to incompleteness

v1.2.5 (23.08.2006)
  • added [ca-AD] locale

v1.2.4 (31.07.2006)
  • changed maxVersion to 2.0a1
  • minor improvement on options-dialog

v1.2.3 (13.07.2006)
  • "cosmetic corrections" for options-dialog

v1.2.2 (03.07.2006)
  • reactivated the [pt-BR] and [pl-PL] locales

v1.2.1 (14.04.2006)
  • corrections on [nl-NL]-locale

v1.2 (09.04.2006)
  • again... due to popular demand:
    * configurable keyboard-shortcuts for each signature (FAQ)
    * AutoSwitch-Option: recipient-based (automatic) switching!
  • bugfix: manually deleting a line within the signature crashed Thunderbird on Windows-systems
    (this was caused by Windows-linebreaks (\r\n) in the signature file; now they get converted)
  • corrections on [cs-CZ]-locale
  • other minor code-improvements
  • unfortunately the [pl-PL], [pt-BR] and [zh-TW] locales had to be deactivated for this release since the original translators didn't respond to my translation-request;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me

v1.1 (24.02.2006)
  • due to popular demand: fortune-cookie-signatures now can have a "fixed part" (see examples)
  • corrections on inserting the signature-separator
  • added [sk-SK] locale
  • other code-improvements

v1.0.2 (25.01.2006)
  • changed maxVersion to 1.5.0.*
  • bugfix: account-signatures didn't get shown upon changing the account in composer

v1.0.1 (11.01.2006)
  • more exact handling regarding the OS-specific line feeds (Linux: "\n"; Windows: "\r\n");
    this should solve the problems some people had with fortune-cookie-files

v1.0 (21.12.2005)

Since the extension went through a pretty long period of "beta-testing" I think it's now safe to finally call this release a "stable 1.0-version". ;-)
  • new feature: the signature-filepath now can contain certain directory-variables
    (this should solve the driveletter-problem for people using Portable Thunderbird)
  • added [cs-CZ], [tr-TR] and [pt-BR] locales
  • changed handling for "fortune-cookie"-files (no extra initial line-breaks get inserted)
  • the character-encoding for loaded signatures can now be changed via options-dialog
  • bugfix: problems when using a default-signature and changing the identity ("From:")
  • bugfix: pressing the contacts-button may have added the default-signature unnecessarily
  • several other code improvements

v0.9.5 (05.11.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.5

v0.9.4 (10.10.2005)
  • bugfix: inserting a default-signature on forwardings sometimes deleted the complete forwarded text
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4.1 (TB 1.5 Beta 2)

v0.9.3 (21.09.2005)
  • added [ja-JP] locale

v0.9.2 (17.09.2005)
  • bugfix: the procedure for localizing the main-description caused problems

v0.9.1 (15.09.2005)
  • bugfix for unicode-support

v0.9 (15.09.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4 (TB 1.5 Beta 1)
  • added [ru-RU] locale
  • improvements for the [pl-PL] locale
  • UTF-8/Unicode-support
  • new button-images in the options-dialog
  • the extension's main-description is now localized

v0.8 (20.07.2005)
  • added [pl-PL] locale
  • bugfix: switching didn't work after loading a signature that already contained the signature-delimiter ("-- \n") in the first line
  • bugfix: switching sometimes accidentally deleted the whole message (only when composing in html-style)
  • bugfix: the signature didn't get inserted correctly when composing a new mail which got initiated and prefilled from external applications
  • several improvements regarding "occasionally" inserted CR's before the signature
  • other minor code changes

v0.7 (04.06.2005)
  • "Signature Switch" now recognizes "Fortune Cookie Files"
    (files containing many different signatures separated by a percent-char; the extension is randomly choosing one; see the example)
  • the path of a signature-file now can contain non-ascii-characters from the system's codepage
  • some corrections on the options-dialog
  • other minor code improvements
  • raised compatibility to Thunderbird 1.0+ ("TB 1.1 Alpha")

v0.6 (16.05.2005)
  • due to popular demand: now you can create a set of different signatures which can be easily accessed/switched via toolbar-button or options-menu
  • "Signature Switch" can now be accessed via right-click context-menu
  • several code changes (code beautyfying, performance improvements)
  • fixed: default-removal of the signature didn't work when changing the account in composer-window
  • the extension finally got it's own 32x32-icon ;-)

v0.5.1 (05.05.2005)
  • hotfix: some users had problems with the previous release causing the composer-window to freeze;
    corrected the overlay-sequence (hopefully that solves the problem)

v0.5 (02.05.2005)
  • restructured code
  • added Chinese Traditional [zh-TW] localization

v0.4 (06.04.2005)
  • restructured code for better compatibility with other extensions
    (update recommended!)

v0.3.6 (??.??.2005)
  • added localizations: nl-NL, fr-FR

v0.3.5 (??.??.2005)
  • spanish language support

v0.3.4 (31.03.2005)
  • upgrade for TB 1.0.2
  • small bugfix (the default removal of the signature sometimes only worked once)

v0.3.3 (30.03.2005)
  • corrections for the [de-DE]-localization

v0.3.2 (29.03.2005)
  • proper initialization-procedure

v0.3.1 (29.03.2005)
  • bugfix (new option from v0.3 didn't work properly)

v0.3 (29.03.2005)
  • new option: "Switch signature off by default"

v0.2 (21.03.2005)
  • customizeable keyboard-shortcut
  • new entry in the options-menu of the composer-window

v0.1.1 (09.03.2005)
  • italian language support

v0.1 (05.03.2005)
  • initial release