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Firefox AddOn Compatibility

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


Signature Switch   Signature Switch - Directory Variables

When adding a signature you can use a directory-variable to keep the location of your signature-file flexible.
This feature should mostly be interesting for people using Portable Thunderbird who face the problem of having different drive-letters whenever they mount their USB-device.

The variable has to be placed in front of your signature-filename enclosed by %-chars.

directory-variables screenshot

In this example the variable %ProfD% will be replaced with the path to your profile-directory.

Here's a list of a few other variables which can be used:
ProfDprofile directory
DefProfRtuser directory (e.g., /home/achim/.thunderbird)
Home OS root (e.g., /home/achim)
TmpD OS tmp (e.g., /tmp)

Actually you can use any variable-strings defined here: ... but only the ones ending with "_DIR" of course.