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Firefox AddOn Compatibility

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


Signature Switch   Signature Switch

Tired of removing/inserting your signature manually when composing a mail?

Sometimes you don't want specific recipients to see your signature (which may contain "personal" information).
"Signature Switch" offers removal (and re-insertion) of your signature with just one click of a button.
Moreover you can define different signatures (e.g. for private- or business-use) and easily select them via toolbar-button.

But that's not all!
Additional features include the support of fortune-cookie-files and automatic switching based on recipients.
Switching or choosing the signature only affects the currently composed message of course. Your original settings remain untouched.

Additional information can be found here:
The changelog can be found on the download-page.

Known issues:
  • the signature-filepath mustn't contain unicode-chars; see BugZilla
  • some themes are known to mess around with basic gui-elements; so if you're using a third-party-theme and miss the dropdown-arrow on the toolbar-button etc. ... try uninstalling/deactivating your theme to fix it!
  • the default-font gets changed when inserting a signature on an empty html-mail; that's caused by this known bug: Mozilla-Bugzilla