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Save Image in Folder   Save Image in Folder - Screenshots

Install the extension and enter the options-dialog to set your personal folders:

screenshot1 screenshot2

The following options can be set for each folder individually AND in general:
  • Open a "Save As..."-dialog before downloading.
  • Open the target folder when the download starts.
  • A file-prefix and/or file-suffix which can be added to the filename. (Includung useful variables!)
  • Various options in case a duplicate filename exists (SaveAs-Dialog, Auto-Increment, Cancel, Overwrite).
Later on - when accessing the new context-menu in the browser - you have the following options:
Performing a normal click on a folder will use the individual settings.
Holding down the shift-key while clicking on a folder will bypass the individual settings and use the general settings.
This feature gives you the opportunity to decide spontaneously if certain dialogs should pop up (or not) when choosing a folder.

Miscellaneous/Advanced settings:


Especially Linux-users may find it useful to set the executable used for opening the target folder since the standard launch()-method takes no action on their OS.
The rest should be self-explanatory.

Hint: Additional "hidden preferences" can be set using about:config

In addition to the settings above you can use a new toolbar-button:

screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7

  • open the toolbar-customization-dialog
  • drag the new icon into the toolbar
  • simply click on the new button to create an index of your set up folders;
    or directly choose a folder to browse it within Firefox

Hint: Hold down the "meta-key" (Windows-key, Apple-key, ...) on your keyboard while clicking one of the folders to open a new tab.

And finally... the main-purpose...
Use the new context-menu entry to quickly save images in your folders:


Hint: If you activated the "double-click option" (see "Advanced"-tab) you can perform a left double-click on any picture to directly save it to the last used folder. That way you wouldn't have to go through the context-menu every time when saving several pictures on one page.