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Save Image in Folder   Save Image in Folder

This extension helps you to quickly save images into different folders without having to click through your folder structure again and again.

Simply create your personal set of frequently used save-locations and access them via context-menu.
The folders can automatically be opened by your favourite file-manager upon downloading.
They can even be browsed within Firefox using a new toolbar-menu.

Check the following pages:

Known issues:
  • won't work with folders containing unicode-chars; see BugZilla
  • the extension may not work properly on MacOS since there is a bug in XPCOM's "initWithPath"-method for handling a "nsILocalFile"
  • the Noia-theme (and obviously a few others aswell) makes some buttons disappear in the options menu; uninstall that theme and everything is back to normal
    (Update: the recently published version 3.13 seems to fix that problem)

last update:  07.01.2016